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The Chisholm Trail


 In the latter half of the 19th Century, cattlemen rounded up longhorns by the millions in Texas, cropped their ears, branded their hides, and drove them north across the Indian Nations into Kansas. Somewhere along the way, without intending to do more than work for a hard day's pay and board, they launched the legend of the American cowboy.

 The cattle drives followed three major routes through what is now Oklahoma. One of those routes, known as the Chisholm Trail, crossed just a short distance from my back door when I lived in Duncan, Oklahoma. I have moved on, but traces of the trail remain to this day.

 The following pages explore the past, discover the present, and anticipate the future of this historic cattle trail. Ride along on this virtual trail, and we'll face cattle stampedes, river crossings and other hazards encountered by the hardy individuals who followed the original trail.

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